Friday, February 10, 2017

Recycled Heart Wands.

Remember that time I had a blog? And then I had a kid?  And then I had another kid? And now I have two kids, no time, but a really happy heart? Yes, yes, I remember.

Baby French Fry #1 has been hard at work finishing her valentines for her school friends. She wanted to make her valentines herself, so here's what we came up with:

Recycled Heart Wands

- Cardboard boxes, the thin kind (we used Trader Joe's packages from mac and cheese, crackers, Joe's O's, oatmeal...seriously, TJ, you OWN us)
- Acrylic paint & brushes
- Gesso or white paint
- Miscellaneous tools for texture (wine corks are our current fave. Yep, drink that wine. It's for the good cause of ART)
- Dowels
- Scissors
- Ribbon or tulle
- Glue 

I prepped the boxes by cutting them flat and gessoed the label sides white. Then little girl got to painting and texturing after the gesso had dried. She wanted ALL the colors of course. True art teacher's kid complex, I guess.

After the paint dried, we worked together and cut out our hearts. 

I glued them together with a hot glue gun and then glued them onto a dowel.

The tulle was a final flourish to make sure these wands help to spread love and kindness with a little pizzazz.  Poor kid ended up sick with this nasty flu virus and missed her school Valentine party.  She can't wait to give them to her friends post-puke fest.

Winning flu quote after finding her post-puking:  "I threw up.  Wash me, but my pants and socks are clean!"

Enjoy your clean pants and socks, arties.