Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miss French Fry's Art Room.

Welcome to my Art Room version 2013!  I like to switch up my room a little bit every year because A) the kids notice and always like ooh-ing and aah-ing over the changes, and B) I get a little bored and need a decorative outlet, and my own home can only tolerate so much.

My theme this year was somewhat "crayon-y," "crayon-ish,"...hmmm, "crayon-esque?"

My art room is a former gym locker room so it is very twisty and turn-y in the entranceway, so bear with me.  We've been doing quite a few Dia de los Muertos projects, so there are some fun 3rd grade skellies on display in the Art Room entrance too.

Below is my "What are we doing today board?"  Before EVERY class I would have students asking me, "what are doing in art today?," and while I love their excitement, I found myself continually repeating, "wait until the whole class is in the room," or "I will tell everyone when the class is here," or on my tired art teacher days, "HOLD YOUR HORSES."  So, here is my solution.  It's a large, old bulletin board I picked up at Goodwill, covered with white dry erase material, dolled up with some borders, and VOILA:

The reading rug where I will often gather students to read a story and introduce our next lesson before transitioning to the art tables.  Behind the book shelf is my art trading card board, which students may use if they finish a project and have extra time.

I worked as a Special Education Teacher for a few years before transitioning into Art Education, so I have some tools I use for behavior management in my room, such as the Choice Chair, which is for kiddos who sometimes just need a break.  Each class also has an Arty Party pocket, where they must work together as a class to demonstrate safety, respect, learning, and problem-solving, and in turn, earn a "crayon."  When classes earn 9 crayons, they have an Arty Party (which might mean a special project, a dance party, or more).
Here are some more snapshots of my room, including one of my favorite teaching tools: my "What you need" magnets.  The magnets are color photos I took of supplies around my room, laminated, and then added some sticky magnet backs.  These magnets are super helpful for students with special needs who benefit from visual supports for following directions.

The art tables color coded with baskets showing students' jobs

What You Need magnets
The Got Time? Make Art station
Art Room Jobs

Inspired by

            Got the idea for the Cool Art fridge from  I adore her!
                                            And of course, no art room is complete without a shelf of crazy art teacher props.

In future postings, I am hoping to write a little more about classroom behavior management, as well as, some tips I picked up during my Special Education days, so stay tuned.  Until next time, Get Smart and Make Art!