Sunday, December 8, 2013

Miss French Fry is Missing.

We've all done it.  Been sick as a dog and struggled to get through a day of teaching because it's easier than typing up sub plans.  It's ridiculous, but totes true.  I have literally had days where I've gone to work running a fever hotter than my H-E-double hockey sticks glue gun infamous for burning off my fingernails and hallucinating (seriously, I saw birds flying around my Art Room Disney Cinderella style).  But, I toughed it out, because hey, sub plans STINK.

This is about what I look like on the days I'm sick at school.  Miss Viola Swamp to the core.

So, enter stage right: THE SUB TUB.

I don't usually have subs continue current lessons my kids are working on, because the subs in our district are always kind of a gamble (and not in the good kind of Vegas-y way).  Seriously.  I have had subs go into my closed cabinets and use acrylic paints and fancy nancy watercolor paper as free draw activities. Ugh.

Here's what my bin contains:
  • The Art Room Sub Binder:  this is the master plan of the Art Room and contains classroom information, the schedule, map, supplies list, rosters with pictures, seating charts, and allergy/special needs notes with a sign-in sheet
  • 2-3 SIMPLE typed out lessons with images and books for grades K-5
  • just-in-case coloring sheets for fast finishers

This sub adaptation was inspired by Deep Space Sparkle.

If you haven't found the Anchorage School District Art Sub Plans yet, check them out.  Bless the Alaskan school district that published these plans to share with art teachers.  The plans are ABSOLUTELY amazing and I have used quite a few as inspiration for my own Sub Tub.

And in the meantime, stay healthy and classy Arties.  Can't tell you how many times I have been sneezed on directly in the face or witnessed a little friend secretly wipe their little boogies on the Art pencils.  Stock up on your Emergen-C by the crateful my friends.