Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Arty Party.

Happy Hump Day and my oh my, what a week it's been!  Some of my classes this week have earned an Arty Party, so I've been test-running Art Centers and what a blast it's been.

In my Art Room, each class is expected to demonstrate our BIG FOUR which are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Ready to Learn, and Be a Problem Solver (and the Bonus: Don't Be a Booger, juuuuust kidding).  If a class shows these positive behaviors during their Art class, they will earn a "crayon" for our crayon closet.

The goal is to earn 9 crayons mostly in ROYGBIV order with the inclusion of pink, black, and white at the end.

Back in the ol' days when I was a Kindergarten teacher, I loved running centers in my room for both Math/Science and Literacy, so I thought giving it a shot in the Art Room could be fun.

I put together an Art Center box for each of my tables...

Each table has about 8-10 minutes with the assigned center activity.  When my teacher timer goes off, they clean, wait for the "switch" cue from me, and off they go to their next center.

Art War is my teacher-created version of Pictionary.  The student in the picture is drawing an illustration of "vegetarian."

Art Terms Tower (aka Jenga), features art specific vocabulary.  Students reach in blindly, pick a block, and if they can define the word on the block, they can play their block.  If not, then the block goes into the discard pile.

Okay, next one up is the Mystery Box.  I had picked up so many awesome and different supplies at this year's NAEA conference (woot woot!), that I was at a loss of what to do with them.  Enter stage right: MYSTERY BOX.

The kids love this activity as there are some super cool tools in the box.  Plus, the inclusion of adjectives and nouns makes it at least somewhat academic, right right?

Roll a Haring and Roll a Picasso I found in the lovely land of Pinterest.  Thank you Pinterest gods!

Hmmm, I don't have any photos of Scratch Art, but that box is filled with 6" x 6" pieces of scratch art paper, which students can decorate and draw into to their little hearts' content.

And the last one is Doodle Dice.  I painted over some old dice and slapped on some line doodles.  Students take turns rolling the dice to create their own piece of abstract doodle-y art.

What do you do for students that reach their goal in your Art Room?  I would LOVE to hear!