Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baby Blankets.

No, I'm not talking about Michael Jackson's baby named "Blanket," I'm talking about baby blankets!

Also, what the heck happened to those poor children?!

I've been on hiatus with my little French Fry the last few months, so there hasn't been a whole lot of art happening, BUT there has been a whole lot of baby love happening.

My mom is a super talented sewing machine, and she's been so tickled to be an Oma that she's whipped up a few fun artsy projects for Baby French Fry.  One of her latest creations is this totally amazing tummy time blankie.

I come from a long line of hoarders and we hoarders put our skills to good use for this project, digging up hair ribbons from when I was a little potato to attach around the blankie.  Oma even put velcro tabs around the outside so toys can be attached to the border.

 My mom sewed in multiple pocket areas to tuck in books, toys, and whatever goodies we desire.

 The floral cotton fabric and the minky fleece both came from and are super soft and cozy.

 Baby French Fry loves scooting around on her blankie and it's so special knowing that Oma made it especially for her.

Well, I've gotta scoot for now.  There's a Baby French Fry calling my name!