Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas Strikes Again.

Happy (belated) Halloween!  Every year my team, which consists of the Music teacher, the PE teachers and I create our own costumes for Halloween.  Not to toot our horn (but I will toot away), we're an awesome team and always manage to take costume design to the extreme.  As soon as the school year begins in August, we have many students coming up to us and guessing what we're going to dress as this year.  This year's guesses ranged from "Justin Biebers" (just what the world needs, more than one Bieber) to "Pokemon" to "Miley Cyrus" (ummm no kids, we will not be climbing atop wrecking balls thankyouverymuch).

Last year, we handmade our costumes completely out of cardboard, tempera paint, and a gigantic amount of hot glue.

I know, impressive stuff, right?  Pretty sure we will never top that one.  But, as usual, this year we were determined to make our costumes from scratch again.  So, the Red Dragon rose from the ashes Game of Thrones style, and was born of spray paint, tablecloths, cardboard, and hot glue.

There were five of us under that thing, sweating dragon bullets and each of us were assigned to one body part: head, front legs, wings, back legs, and tail.

Next year's planning has already commenced.  Suggestions are welcome.

Flashback: my favorite Halloween moment goes back a few years when I had a student dress as me!  I should have retired then and there, because my teaching life was made.

Seriously, though, costume suggestions are welcome.  I can trade you a glue stick without a cap, as I've got plenty in my Art Room.  Deal?