Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Secret Life of the American Art Teacher.

Here's a sneak peek into my home studio.  It's nothing fancy, but it's fun to come home to after a whirlwind day in the coal mines.  Welcome to the art studio, Miss French Fry style.

Yes, I have an obsession with glass bottles and jars.  Don't judge me.

I hand built the little fella above to keep track of my ever-disappearing pencils.  Between losing them in my Miss Frizzle hair and the dog nibbling on them, I am lucky I tracked one down for this photo.


Been on an Honest Abe kick lately.  What a boss.

One of my current tiny illustrations.

And of course, no art studio is complete without a warm and fuzzy apprentice.  Until next time, Miss French Fry out!