Friday, June 6, 2014

Mooooo-vin' On with Kindergarteners.

What do you do with Kindergarten when you only have ONE remaining Art class left?

a) hmmm, good question...
b) movie?
c) get ready to sleep REALLY well after a day of teaching Kinders.

I decided to dive into paint one last time.  We read one of my favorite read alouds Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type.  The first time I heard of this story was on NPR and the radio folks started a whole discussion about collective bargaining, as the cows, chickens, and then ducks end up going on strike and refuse to produce milk and eggs.

Collective bargaining is not a topic I'm about to explore with my Kinder kiddos, but the vocabulary in this story is fabulous.

We used only Q-tips and black paint to paint our cows, farms, and any extra details.  I really liked the Q-tip's effect and the wobbly lines.

We talked a little bit about the expression to add onto our cows' faces.  For example, sometimes the cows in the story look surprised, sometimes puzzled, and so on.

Because this was a one day project, we used watercolors to add a quick splash of color to our farms too.

Surprised cow momma and her baby.  Note the evil farmer lurking in the background...

How impressive is this 3-D barn, folks?

I find this story a little bit ironic as my district is currently in the process of negotiations.  Fingers crossed everything goes well and both "cows" and "farmers" are happy at the end of things!