Sunday, June 15, 2014

Printmaking and Summer Break Celebrating!

I am now two days into summer break after finishing the world's longest school year and so, so very happy to get on with the summer.  I mean seriously, June is half over!

I gave a sneak peek into the printmaking project my Fourth graders had been working on here and we finally finished up our carving and printing this week!

I love my Fourth Graders and they are very slow and careful, conscientious artists which can be great.  Buuuuuut, when we have two art classes to finish carving and printing a series of Illinois Wildflowers, they needed to turn off the molasses and turn on the Red Bull!

Students had to select one Illinois wildflower to use for their prints.  We sketched out our plan onto paper first, traced over our final design with charcoal, and then transferred it onto our 4" x 6" rubber block.

There will be more projects coming soon, as we were busy busy bees at the end of the year!