Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Post Ever.

So, I'm going to try this blogging thing.  I am a not-so-secret blog stalker and decided why the heck not, so here we go...POST ONE.

Why the name Miss French Fry, you say?  Well, I want to maintain some semblance of privacy (trust me, I don't have much as I live and teach 5 minutes from home), but the blog name stems from a conversation that went like this...

A few years ago, when my name was Miss F----...

Squeaky-voiced Kindergartener: "Miss French Fry, Miss French Fry?"
Me: "It's Miss F----, yes honey?"
SVK: "Umm, sorry I forgot..."

10 seconds later...
A different SVK: "Miss Frankenstein?"

So, now, I've got a new spankin' name of Don--- and I thought the name confusion was behind me, until last week with a different school and different Kindergartener...

SVK:  "Hey, Mrs. Donut?"
Me: Sigh.

I sure hope my fake names don't reflect my eating habits.