Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Flappin' Holidays.

Flamingos are an obsession of mine.  I suffer from a mild case of hoarding (apparently it's genetic and only worsens with age), and one of my large collections is all things flamingo.

As much as I wish my front yard looked like this, my neighbors (and husband) would definitely not be fans.

I have collected flamingo paraphernalia since I was a wee one, as I always felt some camaraderie with these funky outliers of the bird world and their scrawny legs.

Every holiday season, I always enjoy making my own cards.  It's a nice therapeutic break from the normal stresses of the holiday season.  This year's card was a wood carved print on some fun retro-inspired scrapbook paper.  Here's a peek into this year's card:

On most of the interiors, I hand wrote the message "Happy Flappin' Christmas."  To keep other cards a little more G-Rated (Grandma-rated), the interior featured "Dreaming of a PINK Christmas."

Also, in case you're looking for a belated Christmas gift for me, I'll take one of these please.

Hope you had one flockin' good holiday, ya'll!