Monday, December 30, 2013

Scandinavian Christmas.

Does anyone else find this marketing at a recent store hilarious/inappropriate?  I couldn't contain myself when I saw this sign and was guffawing in the store's back corner.

Seriously?  So, apparently all teachers deserve lingerie, eh?  If I get lingerie from one of my students next year, I am blaming TJ Maxx.  Someone had a sense of humor (or indulged in too much Christmas glogg) when they put together this display.

Well, in light of a smooth segue, on to the family Christmas 2013!

Tablecloth: Estate Sale score

Runner: Ikea (a few years ago)
Metal tray: Thrifted
Candles: hand me downs from grandparents

My recent Goodwill picnic basket find.

No real tree for Miss FF this year, but I worked with what I got. 

Green River Crate: Local Flea Market
Tree Skirt: Made by Mother in Law
Danish Flags: Bought in Denmark

Angel Chimes: from my great grandmother

Wood Bowl, Made in Denmark: Goodwill

No Christmas is complete without oranges.  Growing up, we always celebrated St. Nicholas Day and would put out our shoes on the eve of Dec. 5th.  We would awake the next morning to a shoe filled with oranges, pencils, and some chocolate.

White Milk Glass Vases: Goodwill

Boot Tray: Estate Sale
Leopard Coat: Forever 21
Flower Pin: Made by Miss French Fry
Scarf: Vintage Brooks Brothers

No Scandinavian Christmas is complete without a whole bunch of fish, of course!  The hubs smoked my Georgian summer catch of a monstrous rainbow trout for our delicious meal.



God Ferie and Godt Nytar to one and all!