Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mondrian Masterpieces.

My Kinder artists finally finished up our Mondrian paintings I had started blogging about here.  And can I just say...I want to frame them ALLLLL.

After reading Michael Hall's Perfect Square and studying many examples of Mondrian's works, the children had to pick and stick with one chosen shape.

I pre-cut large circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles for the kids to use as a tracer.  After they traced their chosen large shape with a black crayon, they drew their same shape again and again and again...

During our next class, we dug into our tempera cakes making sure our brushes were very GLAD (not sad) the whole time.

When my Kinders are painting, I like to remind them to dip, dip, wipe, wipe, then DOT, DOT into the paint.  It helps them to keep the paints clean, plus I love hearing them cheer out loud to "dip, dip, wipe, wipe, dot, dot" in their little voices.

After painting with tempera paints, students were in charge of picking out oil pastels to accent their paintings.  We discussed complementary and analogous colors on our color wheel to figure out what colors would POP in our paintings.

I can't get enough of these colors and want to wallpaper my entire Art Room with these paintings.  Mondrian-a-licious!