Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Super Succulents and Shoppin'.

After my recent Spring Break trip to The Land of the Cholla Cacti, I've been on a major succulent kick.

I can't get enough and the hubs was so tired of hearing me talk incessantly about succulents and saying the word succulent again and again and again, that he said, "Why don't you get your own succulents?"

So I did.

I picked up all of the pots above at my local Goodwill.  The milk glass one is super cool (because of course I love all things milk glass) and the teeny pitcher was made in West Germany.

Snagged these super succulents at the Home Depot and repotted these bad boys in the thrifted vases.

These days my house is starting to border on crazy plant lady, but nothing beats a little extra oxygen, especially after a day of inhaling Sharpie fumes.

Also picked up a couple of these thangs below:

My inner Dane comes out whenever I see blue and white china...eeesh. 

This little bronze music box was a super cool find.  It works really well and definitely has a Curtis Jere vibe about it. 

 And of course, more milk glass and wood boxes.  I can never pass those up.

That's all for now Arties.  Happy Thrifting to you!