Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Week After Grinchmas.

'Twas the week after Christmas, when all through the house, the only creature stirring is my computer mouse (and my racing heart because I have waaaaaay OD'd on the coffee)...

I've had my eye on these Anthro pencils for quite a while.  I'm a big fan of having different pencils than the Art Room ones my students use, so I can attempt to stay as cootie-free as possible.  If my students find Miss French Fry's pencils around the room (which is always bound to happen), they are always quick to return them to me, mostly boogie-free.

I couldn't quite stomach paying one buck a pencil (I know, I am seriously cheap-o), and may have mentioned something to my awesomely awesome mother.  So, below is my totally thoughtful and sweet Christmas gift from her.

I tend to burn through my art journals and this one is absolutely gorgeous!  The pictures do not do this bad boy justice.  It is travel friendly and the color is so robin egg-y and happy (always much needed during these Midwest winter months).

Teal journal with color pencils: TJ Maxx

Eco Paper Wrapped Pencils from Nepal: TJ Maxx
Tamarind Branch Pencils from Thailand: TJ Maxx

These pencils are STUNNING and exactly what I was looking for.  They are clearly different from the Ticonderoga pencils my students use, and they are just so darn happy.

Just goes to show that TJ Maxx does do more than post suggestive advertisements in their store.  There's good stuff in there!

Well done Momma French Fry, well done.